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About Us

Travel Light, Live Light, Spread Light, Be the Light

South Hammam is a slow living store that exists to help you and your family to reconnect with nature.

Our own obsession with being outdoors started at the beach. The tingle of salty skin after a cold, wild swim. That sense of adventure as you paddle out into the wide open ocean. In the face of nature and the vastness of the sea, we found that our worries became small - and nature became gloriously big.

Today we sell things to help you to get out and experience that feeling. The softest, lightweight hammam towels or a book about wild swimming. We donate to charities that are cleaning up our oceans and choose luxurious items to sell that are made to last and kind to the environment.

We hope our store inspires you to step out, find adventure and answer your own call to the wild.



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