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Top 15 Camping Essentials

Camping is great. Being out in the great outdoors, sitting around the fire, sleeping under the stars.

I prefer to travel light though, and the amount of camping equipment there is out there and the amount of stuff people take camping is pretty mindboggling.

With a lovely camping trip fresh in my memory, I thought I would compile a list of my essential camping items to be a happy camper.

  1. Tent – My preference would be a Canvas Bell Tent for comfort or an Air Tent for the easy option.
  2. Mattress – An inflatable mattress or ideally a self inflating mattress for ultimate comfort
  3. Kelly Kettle – These kettles boil water using a fire made from a few twigs. Great for that morning cuppa or the washing up.
  4. Hammam Towel – These lightweight versatile towels double up as a blanket to use around the campfire
  5. Fold Up Table – it will make camping so much easier
  6. Camping Chairs – Preferably a padded one
  7. Cool Box
  8. Tin camping mugs, plates and cutlery
  9. A collapsible washing up bowl
  10. An arctic sleeping bag – these things keep you warm and toasty all night long
  11. A pillow
  12. A torch
  13. A pen knife
  14. A water bottle
  15. Solar phone charger